Dental Bridges


Things You Should Know About Dental Bridges

Dental bridges are placed like a bridge. They serve as a way to close a gap between two points. They exactly fill the gaps that are created by missing teeth. Replacing missing teeth is not just about improving your smile or appearance. But it is also about preventing a change in your bite or avoiding your jaw to sore. Missing teeth can cause the surrounding teeth to shift, which creates a place where dental plaque hides. If it is not mitigated as soon as possible, the plaque increases your chances of needing a gum disease treatment or a tooth filling.


In addition to decreasing chances of having the need for a tooth filling or gum disease treatment, dental bridges will also help you show off your beautiful smile. They are also cheaper than other tooth replacement. Dental bridges may work as a denture. But, unlike dentures, bridges are cemented on your natural teeth or placed on dental implants. There are many types of dental bridges and the most common type is made of porcelain.

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Care for Bridges

Dental bridges can last for many years. However, you should maintain healthy and strong teeth to make sure that the surrounding teeth have a solid foundation. That said, you have to brush your teeth twice a day. Floss daily to avoid suffering from tooth decay. This will also prevent gum disease, which usually leads to tooth loss. It is also important that you visit your dentist as often as needed to undergo regular professional cleaning and to check the health of the bridge. During each visit, your dentist can find dental problems and treat them as early as possible so as to make your dental bridges more successful.

Consider your dental bridges as your permanent teeth when you care for them. That is, you should properly clean them using the toothbrush specified by your dentist. Proper cleaning will reduce cavities and inflammation of gum tissue. Good oral hygiene is an important step that ensures the longevity of your dental bridges. Even if they can last a lifetime, they do come loose. They do fall out, especially if you keep on chewing hard food or hard objects.

Talk to your dentist on how to properly take care of your own dental bridges to make sure that they can last for decades.

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How Long Should I Wait Before a Bridge is Fitted After Tooth Extraction?

After your tooth has been removed, you may need to wait for your gums to properly heal. This can take up to six months, depending on your gums. Your dentist may provide a temporary denture while you wait for your gums to heal and the bridge is fitted. However, your oral health must first be analyzed before your dentist can make your dental bridges. Dental bridges require stronger teeth with good bone support.

In addition to porcelain, dental bridges can be of several materials, such as gold and alloys. Sometimes, these materials are combined to create a perfect dental bridge. There are also times when non-precious metals are added in the base to make the bridge stronger. You can also find new bridges today that are made of a special type of porcelain. We may help you decide which one can work best for you. But the decision will be based on the look, function, and placement.

The Cost

This will vary depending on the type of bridge that you need and its size. Before starting a dental bridge treatment, you must get a written estimate from your dentist. This is especially true if you are short on budget. A bridge may be expensive but it can last for many years. As regards to dental insurance, your insurer may cover a portion of the total amount. This means that you will have to be ready to pay some fees from your own pocket.

How Dentists Create Dental Bridges?

Your dental bridge will be made by a dental laboratory. Your dentist will only make an impression of your teeth that will serve as a model from which the crown and bridge will be made. While your bridge is being made, you will be fitted with a temporary bridge. This is to protect the exposed teeth from being damaged. You may need to visit your dentist multiple times to make sure that the bridge fits perfectly.