Dental Bonding

Advantages of Dental Bonding

Compared to other cosmetic dental procedures, dental bonding is the easiest and the least expensive procedure. The resin that is used in bonding is shaped and polished to perfectly match the surrounding teeth. This is one of the reasons it is a good choice to enhance the appearance of your smile and resolve issues about discolored and chipped teeth. It is also a good choice to close a gap between teeth or to make your teeth look longer. Dental bonding is also ideal in protecting a portion of your tooth’s root, which has been exposed because of gum disease or recession.

What are the Advantages of Dental Bonding?

As mentioned earlier, dental bonding is one of the least expensive cosmetic dental procedures. It is also less expensive than veneers. The average cost can range from $300 to $600. The price is per tooth. If it is done to fill a cavity or structural reasons, your dental insurance may cover the entire cost. Then, if you only have one tooth to bond, it can only take one dental visit. And, as discussed earlier, the entire process can be completed within half an hour per tooth

Since there is no pain involved in dental bonding, anesthesia is not necessary. However, if the bonding is utilized to fill the decayed tooth, numbing the area may be needed. Apart from that, your dentist will only remove the least amount of your enamel.

Dental Bonding procedure in Peoria


The first step to have dental bonding is to make a consultation with our office. In this way, we can discuss with you the treatment plan you may need for your oral health problem. We will evaluate the color of the composite resin to be used. This is to make sure that it matches the color of your natural teeth.

Once the color is chosen that will closely match your natural teeth’s color, we’ll etch the surface of the tooth where the bond is placed. This is to roughen the surface. Then, your dentist will coat the affected tooth using a conditioning liquid so that the bonding material will adhere thoroughly.

If the bonding material solidifies, we will shape your tooth again to polish the material. This is to ensure that the bond matches the rest of your tooth. The entire procedure may take half an hour. But this depends on your condition. Some dental bonding procedures may take more than two hours to complete. And if you need more teeth to be bonded, your dentist may schedule you for additional visits.

What to Feel After the Procedure?

It is normal to feel strange after the dental bonding procedure. Your mouth will be very sensitive to change. Because a resin has been added to your natural tooth, you may feel that your tooth is wider. Over time, however, it will no longer bother you. It just takes time to adapt to the new change in your mouth. Bonding does not really last as long as veneers. Depending on where it is placed and your bite area, it can last for a decade. Unlike veneers and crowns, the bonding material used can be discolored over time. Colored beverages and foods can stain the material. To minimize staining, dentists recommend avoiding these colorful substances for at least 24 hours after the dental bonding is formed.

Dental bonding is also not for smokers because the material being used is porous. It will only form a yellow color from exposure to the smoke from a cigarette. It also does not respond to teeth whitening treatments. To make the bonding last longer, you should follow excellent oral hygiene. In this way, your bonding will look bright all the time. You may use an advanced cleaning toothpaste specified by our office. Since dental bonding is not as durable as dental veneers, you should avoid things that can cause a crack to the bonded material. That said, you must avoid using your teeth in opening food wrappers.

Dental bonding can be an ideal solution for some situations, especially if they need small yet vital repairs. It only takes a little of your time and it takes little patience on your part to beautify that area of your mouth that makes you feel self-conscious. Is dental bonding a good choice for you? Talk to our team today!