You can get rid of normal toothaches by rinsing the mouth to clear the debris and other matter. Sometime you get toothache due to the pieces of debris lodged in between the tooth and another tooth. Don’t make use of aspirin by placing them in between the tooth and gums to get rid of pain, dissolving aspirin can result in damage to the gum tissues.

Broken, Fractured, or Displaced Tooth

You have to take quick action for broken, fractured or displaced tooth to avoid the alarming situation.  If you have knocked out tooth try to put it back into the socket till you visit your dentist.

Thoroughly rinse your mouth of blood and other debris and thereafter place a cold piece of cloth or compress it with hand near the injury. You can avoid swelling of mouth. If you are unable to put back the tooth in its socket, hold the tooth from its crown not by the root. Thereafter place it in a container with warm milk, saline or salvia of the victim, you have to keep it in the solution until you reach the dentist clinic.

Again in the case of fractured tooth you have to rinse it with warm water and apply a cold pack and compress the area to avoid swelling.  You can also make use of Ibuprofen to keep the swelling down.  If the tooth fracture is minor, it can be fixed by the dentist in case the pulp is not damaged severely.  If a child primary tooth or an emerging permanent tooth has been loosened due to an injury, ask the child to bite down on a piece of caramel or apple. In some cases the tooth gets easily detached from the gums.

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