Bad Breath Treatment

Bad Breath Treatment

What is the Best Bad Breath Treatment?

Medically known as halitosis, bad breath is usually a result of poor dental hygiene. However, it can also be a sign of another health problem. It can be worse with some foods and your unhealthy lifestyle habits. It is an embarrassing condition but there is a bad breath treatment that you can rely on. Talk to your dentist about your condition.

What Is Halitosis Exactly?

The majority of bad breath cases originate in the mouth, tonsils, and throat. The condition is caused by sulfur-producing bacteria that breed beneath and around your tongue, throat, and tonsil areas.

These bacteria are natural organisms thriving in your mouth. Their role is to assist you in digesting your food and break down proteins and turn them into amino acids. But these bacteria love proteins coming from the food that you eat. While they feast on proteins, they also released or excrete waste collectively known as volatile sulfur compounds. These compounds cause bad breath.

We do give off a smelly odor from our mouth after we eat. However, if these bacteria continue to excrete those compounds and they are unchecked, your bad breath worsens.

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Poor Dental Hygiene

If you do not practice proper dental hygiene, it will result in plaque and bacterial buildup, not just on your teeth but also on your gums, throat, and tonsil. This buildup will lead to different gum diseases, such as periodontitis and gingivitis. And gum diseases usually lead to halitosis.

As to how? Bleeding gums and damaged oral tissue form proteins, which are used as food for these odor-causing bacteria.

This is one of the reasons you should brush twice a day using fluoride toothpaste. This is to effectively remove food debris, plaque and maintain the health of your gums. And when you do brush your teeth, you should include your tongue. Then, use a floss to remove food debris and plaque in between your teeth.

However, if you do practice good oral hygiene yet you still have halitosis, you should consult your dentist about the ideal bad breath treatment in your case.

Dry Mouth

Having a dry mouth provides a perfect place for these bacteria to thrive and reproduce. You will experience it when you do not speak for a long period of time. Smoking, drinking alcohol and snoring excessively can also cause dry mouth. In the morning, bad breath is pretty common because there is not enough saliva being produced while you are asleep. Normally, food odors are just temporary. When the salivary flow is back to normal, the odor is eliminated within a few minutes. Unfortunately, for those who are suffering from dry mouth may end up having long-term bad breath problems even by eating minor food odors. If you are suffering from dry mouth, it must be treated first so that your bad breath will also be eliminated. Talk to your doctor about bad breath treatment and dry mouth solution.

What Foods That Can Cause Bad Breath?

It is also important to know the type of food that can cause your mouth to smell like a trash can. Onions and garlic are known to cause bad breath. Why? That is because they contain sulfur compounds. Meat and fish are also food sources of those sulfur-producing bacteria. Other foods will include refined and processed sugars. Acidic drinks, like coffee and juices, can also contribute to it because they provide a perfect environment for these bacteria to breed.


Your breath may be the result of your certain illness. It may be a sign that you have diabetes, kidney disease, liver condition, metabolic disorder, and other health diseases. Sinusitis and bronchitis may also cause bad breath as they affect your airways. Some medicines may also cause your breath to stink. These medicines will include antidepressants, drugs for high blood pressure, and antihistamines.

Best Bad Breath Treatment

The majority of bad breath cases can be treated successfully. But the treatment will depend on the cause. Thus, it is highly recommended that you consult your dentist about it. Always practice good oral hygiene and visit your dentist’s clinic twice a year or as recommended. This is the easiest way to avoid and prevent halitosis. It is also best to avoid those foods that can cause your breath to smell like you just swallowed a trash can. If you have chronic halitosis, you should consult your doctor and find the most ideal bad breath treatment.