General Dentistry

General Dentistry

General dentistry is the most familiar area of dentistry. This is a category where filling, cleaning, and other simple dental procedures fall.

Unlike cosmetic dentists, general dentists are more concerned about the maintenance and care of your teeth. They put more emphasis on preventative care and restorative treatments. To prevent diseases and cavities, they recommend visiting their clinics every six months not only for dental cleaning but also for dental checkups.

Because cosmetic dentistry today has become more competitive, many general dentistry offices have undergone training to be cosmetic dental offices, so they can perform dental procedures that aim to improve your teeth’s appearance and enhance your smile. Dental procedures in cosmetic dentistry are usually carried out because of personal enhancement rather than a medical need. This means that they are mostly elective treatments.

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What Dental Issues Do They Resolve?

General dentists are the first ones to call when you have some dental issues. They cover a wide array of dental procedures. They can identify the issues and find out the right treatment. The treatments available in a general dentistry department will include fillings. They are treatment procedures that fill your teeth with materials that can stop cavities from further developing.

Dental crowns may also be done at a general dentistry clinic, even though they are usually performed by a cosmetic dentist. These dental crowns are considered as artificial teeth that are fitted over your broken teeth.

Root canal treatment is a popular procedure carried out by a general dentist. This procedure is necessary to save the tooth from further damage. It is usually done when the tissue within the tooth is infected. This treatment is performed either by a general dentist or cosmetic dentist. Dental cleaning is also a popular procedure. It is carried out to scale and polish the teeth for thoroughly cleaning that cannot be done by brushing or flossing alone.

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Finding a Good General Dentist

All of us need a dentist. If you have not found the right dentist yet for your dental issues, then you are in luck as looking for one is now easier than before. A simple Google search will give you a list of qualified general dentists to practice in your area.

However, the most ideal thing to do is ask for a recommendation from your friends and family members. Or you can check out the page of the American Academy of General Dentistry to find that perfect dentist in your area. Whoever that dentist you will choose to handle your dental issues, he/she must have the proper training and all certifications required.

After researching, go and make a consultation. During an initial consultation, there are no procedures to be performed yet. This is your chance to interact with your dentist and find out his/her personality. Is he/she warm and friendly? Does he/she answer all of your questions?

Cross those dentists from your list that do not give you enough time to look into your case. While you are at that dentist’s office, check out the office atmosphere. The office must offer an environment that is relaxing. In this way, you will not feel anxious while undergoing a certain procedure in that clinic. This will also make the whole experience more relaxed and pleasurable.

Pick the right dentist who can explain to you the basics of good oral hygiene and the treatments you may need to maintain the health of your teeth.