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Do Teeth Yellow as You Age?

At Reflections Dental, yellowing tooth is a common type of tooth discoloration. Our patients would ask, “Do teeth yellow with age?” Age is one of the reasons for tooth discoloration. The reason for this is that as you grow old, the tooth enamel starts to wear away. It causes your... Read More →

When Do Dentists Use Laughing Gas?

For your dental health, it’s vital that you visit your dentist’s office regularly. When you visit the office, a dental hygienist will remove the plaque off of your teeth. A polishing procedure will follow. Unfortunately, not all visit is smooth. In some cases, you may need to undergo an extensive... Read More →

My Gums Hurt Because of Wisdom Teeth

It’s possible that you have pericoronitis, a condition that causes gums to hurt in the back of your mouth. This dental issue is common that causes the gum tissue to become infected and swollen. Because there’s inflammation involved, it can be painful. Pericoronitis It occurs when a wisdom tooth erupts... Read More →

How Long Do Porcelain Veneers Last?

Porcelain veneers can last for decades if you treat them properly. Veneers are made of thin materials and are ideal for restoring your naturally beautiful smile. If you have discolored teeth, porcelain veneers are the best way to restore them. At Reflections Dental, we usually recommend having your teeth whitened... Read More →

Is A Dental Bridge The Right Solution For Me?

“Is a dental bridge the right solution for me?” This question is frequently asked by many of our patients when they visit Reflections Dental. The answer is – it depends on your situation. A lot of factors can play a role in whether a dental bridge is an ideal solution... Read More →

Does Tooth Decay Cause Bad Breath?

Millions of people suffer from bad breath. Most of these cases originate from the tongue and gums. Odor is the result of wastes from bacteria found in your mouth. Tooth decay can also causes bad breath. Decay and food debris produce sulfur compound, causing unpleasant odor or bad breath. What... Read More →

Why Do My Teeth Chatter?

Chattering teeth is your body’s healthy response to raising your temperature whenever it’s needed. However, if you find yourself chattering or grinding although you’re not chilly, then it could be a sign that you have a health problem that needs to be resolved. Anxiety and Panic Stress happens to almost... Read More →

Can Flossing Prevent Heart Disease?

Some of our patients at Reflections Dental ask us if there’s a link between a healthy mouth and a healthy heart. Based on several studies, there’s a connection between these two. Doctors have been studying about this potential relationship for decades. And there’s a good reason for that because heart... Read More →

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