Root Canal Therapy

Root Canal Therapy

Root canals are small passage branched from top to bottom of tooth coursing their way till it reaches the tip of the root. All teeth have one to four root canals.

Many of the tooth problems are caused due to the infection spread to pulp that is present in the inner chamber of tooth that consist of blood vessels, nerves, and other tissues. As soon the infection increases it starts affecting the roots of the teeth. Even severe teeth injuries can lead to similar problems to pulp.

A diseased tooth can lead to many dental problems that can result in pain and sensitivity. It indicates the initiation of dental issues. However, the spreading infection can develop pus within teeth and it results in abscess.

Root canal therapy is a reliable treatment with high success rate. It involves removing of infected tissues, stopping the spread of infection, and restores the healthy parts of tooth. It is a therapy that saves the tooth from problems. Prior the use and acceptance for the root canal therapy, the treatment used to deal with the dental issues was tooth extraction.

Root Canal Therapy in Peoria

Root Canal Therapy Procedure

Root canal therapy usually requires one to three visits to dental expert. During your first visit to dentist, small hole is drilled through the top of the tooth and to the inner chamber. The diseased tooth is removed; thereafter the inner chamber is cleansed using disinfected and tiny canals are reshaped. The cleansed part of the inner chamber and canals are filled with medication designed in the form of elastic material in order to prevent further infection to tooth. In case required the drilled hole is filled temporarily until the permanent crown is sealed.

The pain or discomfort felt by the patient during root canal therapy may vary. It allows you to enjoy the restorative tooth that can last as that of natural tooth.