Can Flossing Prevent Heart Disease?

Some of our patients at Reflections Dental ask us if there’s a link between a healthy mouth and a healthy heart. Based on several studies, there’s a connection between these two. Doctors have been studying about this potential relationship for decades. And there’s a good reason for that because heart disease is a serious medical

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Can Flossing Stop Bleeding?

Bleeding while flossing can be an early sign of gum disease. Flossing can’t stop bleeding but it can help in eliminating the cause of why your gums bleed. Gum inflammation can cause bleeding gums as a result of a plaque buildup or vigorous brushing. If it continues to bleed, you must change your dental care

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Can Flossing Loosen a Filling?

When a filling comes out during flossing, that filling is destined to come out and it’s not the result of cleaning between your teeth. It’s usually an emergency situation. However, if you can’t see your dentist right away, you may use a temporary filling. Because it’s just a temporary filling, you still need to see

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