Can Flossing Loosen a Filling?

When a filling comes out during flossing, that filling is destined to come out and it’s not the result of cleaning between your teeth. It’s usually an emergency situation. However, if you can’t see your dentist right away, you may use a temporary filling. Because it’s just a temporary filling, you still need to see your dentist.

At Reflections Dental, we don’t recommend allowing your temporary filling to stay in your tooth for a few days. You should schedule an appointment with one of our dentists right away. We have an emergency appointment for patients who require urgent treatment.

Do you recommend OTC temporary filling?

If you can’t go to Reflections Dental immediately after your filling came out, you could use an OTC temporary filling. But that temporary solution doesn’t mean that you can skip going to your dentist. Remember that it’s just temporary. It’s not meant to last. It will eventually fall out within a few days or weeks.

Why does your filling?

There are several reasons fillings loosen and fall out because they don’t last forever. This means that sooner or later they need to be replaced.

When you chew, your teeth and their fillings will face tremendous pressures, especially if you consume hard and chewy foods.

But even if you’re not fond of eating hard and chewy foods, some fillings will wear out over time. To prevent bacteria from going inside the affected tooth, the filling should be replaced.

If your filling is just loose, you need to schedule an appointment at Reflections Dental as bacteria will feed on those bits of food. They also form acid onto the affected tooth that will eventually cause tooth decay.

When there’s decay under a filling, the extent of the damage can become severe before you even notice its symptoms, like pain. This is why you should have your teeth and their fillings checked regularly by your dentist at Reflections Dental. In this way, if they need replacement, your dentist can do it before they loosen or fall out.

Before removing or replacing your old filling, your dentist will first discuss the several treatment options you can have. Most of the time, it’s possible to replace an old filling, rather than replacing it completely.

If the entire filling needs to be replaced, your dentist will first evaluate what type of filling material to use. We encourage our patients to talk to us about how they would like their replacement filling to look. In this way, we can work together to restore their smile and their teeth function.

Watching What You Chew

To prevent experiencing a loose filling when you floss, you should always watch what you eat and chew. As much as possible, avoid chewing hard foods. You should chew gently when you eat nuts and other crunchy foods.

It’s also ideal to be very gentle when flossing and brushing. Use an extra-soft bristle toothbrush. Be extra careful when you floss. Our dental hygienists at Reflections Dental will teach you how to properly floor to avoid loosening a filling.


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